"I have no sword."

Robot of Sherwood - series 08 - 2014

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we’re all stories in the end.

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The Doctor’s new love interest revealed.

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New mouth, new rules.

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So, earlier today our dear friend Amy pointed this out to us on twitter and it made us do a total double-take! 

Image 1: Season 2 & 3A opening credits
Image 2: Season 3B opening credits
Image 3: Season 4 opening credits

Fairly interesting, especially with the endless eye-color meta floating around for how long now? It would seem the opening credits may or may not have inadvertently been showing off the wide array of Derek Hale eye-colors!

Intentional or a fun coincidence? :D

(Disclaimer: We looked and looked to see if there was a similar post like this already on tumblr, so we could give credit where credit is due, but we couldn’t find anything. The inspiration and credit for this post is totally thanks to this tweet right here!)

How would you bring [Jennifer] back? {x}

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forever rb dSF:DS:

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